The most valuable thing in the store was free.


“Every day I see or hear something that more or less kills me with delight.” From Mindful by Mary Oliver. 

Anyone who knows me well knows my love for the late poet, Mary Oliver. This poem, Mindful, is one of my absolute favorites. The first line, (quoted above), has become a part of my daily life. Nearly every day I am poised to notice the thing that “nearly kills me with delight”.  This simple act has caused me to love life even when circumstances seem difficult. 

This is one of those moments. The other day I was walking into Trader Joe’s in the hustle of a busy afternoon, I saw a middle-aged woman standing still in a ray of sunlight. She was in the flower section stroking the buds of a pussywillow bouquet while the world rushed by. I don’t think she realized anyone would notice her stealing a moment of innocent joy. But I did, and a couldn’t help but feel a surge of love for her in that moment. 

When my daughters were growing up we would often tell them “innocence is a renewable resource”. I caught a glimpse of that truth in this moment. Sometimes we need only to soften and allow the childlike wonder that never really left us. 

That was the moment that “nearly killed me with delight”.  

Today, I was that woman standing still at Trader Joe’s stealing a moment of delight with the pussywillows before shopping. It was a moment of pure delight that made me feel like I was five years old again. 

 I challenge you to find that moment today- any day. Share with us! What was the moment that nearly killed you with delight today? 

Here is a link to the complete poem Mindful by Mary Oliver, who passed away January 19th, 2019