50 Dares: A Playful Path to Transformation


We all know routine is important, but the repetition of routine leaves little space for curiosity and wonder. Breaking your routine and trying new things can lead to vibrant and open states of mind, yielding positive emotions and greater life satisfaction.

We wondered how we could evoke this mind state in daily life, so we created this deck of 50 Dares designed to help people get out of their comfort zones, have novel experiences and disrupt their routines. We’ve learned that consciously disrupting your routine can yield better problem solving, increased creativity, optimism, and empathy.

Why dare?

Our experience has shown that when we change the way we do things, we inevitably change what we see and how we feel. We hope this deck of cards will inspire you to challenge your comfort zone, bringing you curiosity, wonder and fresh energy in your life.


Dare Stories

In these busy times when people barely notice each other or the world they live in, we want to create a wave of awakening. We inspire people to slow down, reach out to one another, be kinder, and walk through life with a sense of childlike wonder and curiosity.

We envision a sense of community among people who use our product, so hearing your stories and experiences with 50 Dares is very important to us. Created with lots of room for creativity and interpretation, dares will manifest differently for everyone, thus creating some pretty amazing stories. We would like to invite you to share your stories and experiences with our community. Dare stories may be published on our blog. To submit your dare story please click on the link below.

Dare #39: Turn off all the electric lights in your home and spend an evening by candlelight.

Photo by Ryan Schude


Our Story

The seeds of this idea were sewn many years ago in remote summer cabins as we challenged our limits in the simple game of Truth or Dare. As adults, we missed the wonder, curiosity, and daring of those times. Where had that joy gone, and how could we get it back?