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Photo by Matt Chmielarczyk www.mattchmielarczykphotography.squarespace.com

Photo by Matt Chmielarczyk www.mattchmielarczykphotography.squarespace.com

I got tired. Really tired. I wanted to sleep every day as soon as I got home and that was all I wanted to do. 

It is always like that in the beginning of the school year. It is hard to adjust. I become so expansive during the summer, reading, meditating, having great conversations, daydreaming.... Then the year begins and I have the feeling of having to stuff myself back in to a tame and sensible life. Imagine stuffing a giant sleeping bag into the tiny little sack that came with it- it feels like it will never fit. I feel like I will never fit. But I always do- eventually.

 I began to think I was foolish to try to carry on this Truth and Dare project and be a full-time teacher. I was. A little. I was considering ending the project. But then I realized something else. I need this project and I think others do too.

I've still been doing weekly dares and reaping great benefit. I just didn't think I had the time to write about them weekly. I developed a deer in headlights feeling towards my writing, not knowing quite what to do.

Then three days ago,  came my AHA moment. I created this project for people just like me- people that have tough jobs and long hours. I created this project as a way to experience freedom, curiosity,  freshness and mindfulness when you don't have a plane ticket to Italy and Indonesia or even a vacation. I created this project to be the opposite of "privileged literature". I wanted to create a way for us to find the "expansiveness" and unexpected joy into our daily lives. A way to discover all of the wonder in between the things we notice.

So I decided to change weekly dares to monthly dares. You are as busy as I am. If it is hard to manage for me, then it is probably hard to manage for you. I get that now.

Each month will be based around a theme. September is space. Where can it be found in between moments of stress and overwhelm?

Here are three dares.

I dare you to be bored. Do nothing for 10 minutes to an hour.

I dare you to notice wonder. What are the things that made you wonder? Write them.

I dare you to take a silent walk with another person. Notice things.

Find space with me. I dare you to. I dare us all to.

Let's inspire each other. Help keep me inspired too. Please share comments. Like this post. Share this post. Help create a ripple of beautiful boredom, wonder and space by sharing the project with others.

Post Script: I have been daring to do live broadcasts weekly. I did not want to. I never thought I would. If you asked me to a month ago, I would have said "hell to the no!"

I am vain. I think my face looks funny, my voice sounds awkward, I may say something stupid...but a week ago a friend dared me to do it.

Damn dares. It's hard to turn one down. That is why they are magic. I did it. I lived through it. I did it again the next week. I am not cured of vanity and insecurity- but they can't exactly dictate my life anymore. I defied my insecurities and acted anyway. There is some amazing potential in such such rebellion and defiance against our own limitations-and speaks to the value of this work. This is just one of the many powers of daring; to rebel against our own limits.

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