50 Dares: A Playful Path to Transformation

50 Dares: A Playful Path to Transformation


A card deck designed to inspire positive change in your life through daring actions.

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What’s included in the deck?

• 50 cards each with a unique action in the form of a dare.

• 4 bonus wild cards

• 2 instruction cards

Souldaring cards are made in the USA from sustainable forest-based paper and vegetable- based inks. They are laminated using a starch-based process, making them eco-friendly.

How can you use these cards?

• You can simply shuffle the deck and pick a dare. Do this daily or weekly. 

• Share this deck with a friend and raise the bar for one another. Share your stories with each other.

• Create a Dare Club with friends, a fresh alternative to a book club. 

• Come up with your own way to use them. There are no real rules. 

Share your Souldaring stories and pictures with us by e-mailing sarah@souldaring.com. We would love to put them in our blog as we build our community.