Dare to climb a tree today.

Write to me. Tell me how it felt. Send me pics. 


Today I woke up, got my coffee and began to write my daily to-do list, when the feeling washed over me that there was nothing more important I could do today than climb a tree. 

With the daily news of the destruction of the natural world, there is a temptation to fall into despair. Yet- there is another force that calls; the vibrant green of the newest leaves against the rich dark of the older leaves,  the rustle like glittering coins, the exploding scent of the Lindens, the loamy smell of a wet ponderosa pine. 

Maybe I will set the to-do list aside and dust off the childlike friendship with nature- not the mature hiking, backpacking relationship of adulthood- but the one of awe, danger, imagination and bewilderment.

There is really nothing on this to-do list that is more important than that. It occurs to me that if we can find that innocent relationship with nature we can allow the earth to help us remember how to take care of her. 

Climb a tree with me today. Get a scrape on your arm or your leg from the bark. Feel the texture of the leaves on your face. Send us a picture, a story, a poem. Share this post- dare 10 friends. If you cannot physically climb a tree, lean your body against one- linger there. Find the innocence that runs beneath knowledge. Play. 

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