Dropping into the body...

Week of dares to remember what a gift it can be to inhabit a body. 


When was the last time you felt mud squishing through your toes or plunged your hand into a bag of rice?  It feels like days go by when the only thing we hold with intention is the steering wheel or our cell phones.  

When I saw a recent post from a wise yogini reminding us to drop into the sensations of the body, I immediately began to think of how to make a dare for all of us around doing just that.  

As children we are constantly seeking out sensations of the body- running our hands along bumpy walls until they are buzzing with sensation, playing with silly putty and green slime- often getting into trouble for making a mess by sticking our hands into a lovely piece of cake.  

As we grow and our heads fill with responsibilities, worries and thoughts we can sometimes even forget we have a body- unless it reminds us with some ache or discomfort.  

So this week your dare is to drop into the body every day. 

Plunge your hands into a bag of rice.  

Find mud and sink your feet into it.  

Go out walking in wet grass at night with your bare feet.  

Use organic soap to make a lather in the sink- hold it up to your face and feel the tiny bubbles burst against your skin.  

Put your pajamas or your sheets into the freezer for 10 minutes, then put them on.  

Heat river stones in the oven and hold them on different places on your body.  

Run the fringe of a shawl along your legs.   

Lie on the grass and put your bare feet on the bark of a tree.  

How do you drop into the sensations of the body? Share your ideas with me and I will add them. Please let me know how it goes.  

Sarah Hope