52 Dares

If you are here and you wish to engage in this project, choose ten of the following dares and try to do one a day for ten days. You may be very busy. If that is the case do two a week.

If you find that you love doing this, do this for thirty days. Keep a journal. Enlist a friend. Enlist lots of friends. dare me back. I will be daring with you.

There are no real rules to this game, play or don't play. It is better if you say that you were dared to do the things you do, but if you must, don't let it stop you. Blog your experiences, or don't. Video posts and photo evidence are welcome. Ready... set.. Go!

1.    Change sides of the bed or put your pillow where you normally put your feet.

Bonus- journal your dreams in the morning

2.    Today- pick a different route to work and an even different one home..

Bonus- write three observations in your journal

3.Today- Make plans with someone who is a facebook friend only. You must not tell them why you are doing this.

4.This weekend- Go see live music of a type or genre that you normally do not listen to.

Bonus- Go alone double bonus- make conversation with someone.

5.Buy a pack of popsicles at the store and sit outside and eat your popsicle without doing anything else. Do not take your phone or anything to read. If someone walks by offer them a popsicle.

6.Go to a religious service of a religion that you do not practice or know anything about. Double dare: talk to someone there.

7.Today- stop by a playground and play on the equipment there for at least 10 minutes.

8. Today- If you are able, climb a tree. If not, lean your entire body against a tree for at least 3 minutes.

9.Give up complaining. Spend the entire day without uttering a single complaint. -Double dare- do this for the rest of the week.

10.Tell a coworker or someone who you encounter daily such as a barista, yoga teacher, employee or student something you admire about them.

11.Write on the wall of a public bathroom. Some ideas- a quote or poem that inspires you, a true confession a compliment- encouraging words.

12. Go buy some sidewalk chalk. Make a drawing or write a poem or message anywhere. If someone walks by invite them to do it with you.

13.Buy an acre of rainforest for $10 in the name of someone who has passed away.

14.Make an extra portion of whatever you are planning to make for dinner tonight. Walk over to a neighbor's house with a container and offer them what you have made.Bonus- if you know that there is a place in your community where there are homeless people bring it there instead.

15.Sing at the top of your lungs in your car with the windows down.double dare- make it a public bathroom

16.Take the ugliest selfie you can possibly take. Look at it and say “I love you” then send it to your best friend- ask for one in return.Double dare: send it to 10 friends Triple dare: post it on facebook and Instagram

17. Say yes to the very next invitation you get no matter what it is….if you cannot… say yes to the one that comes after it.

18. Sit on the couch or on the floor set the timer for 10 minutes. During that ten minutes do absolutely nothing. Nothing.

19.Take a silent hike with a friend. Going alone does not count.

20.Tell a stranger a secret of yours.

21.Pick a random city and a random residential address… send a postcard there…write anything, a line from a poem, song, a feeling you have about the world… a question.double dare- send a postcard with a dare.

22. Take a board game to a local coffee shop and play with a friend turn off your phone for the duration of the game. Double dare- play with a stranger…

23. Go commando today...Bonus- go all week

24..Call a cousin or childhood friend. Talk about a happy memory you shared with them. You cannot say why you are doing it.

25. Go to a cemetery and sit on a grave. Bring flowers or don’t. Double dare- go at night eat dinner there or have a glass of wine.

26.Go to the event section in the paper close your eyes and put your finger down on an event. Go to it…

27.Look at your invites on facebook… find the one that you are least likely to go to. Go to it.

28.Go to a funeral home and ask them if you could be presented in an open casket as a skeleton…with a crown of flowers

 29. Make a list of 10 beliefs that you have. Take one of them and search opposing views online. Read at least two articles that challenge this belief. Double Dare: Find someone to talk to that has an opposing belief. Go out for coffee and listen.

30. Make a list of the foods you do not like. Eat three of them this week. Double dare: eat foods that you say you don't like all week.

31. Today when talking to people do not say a single thing about yourself. Only ask questions about what they say.Double dare: do it for a week.

32. Omit the word sorry or any of its synonyms from your vocabulary for an entire day. Double dare: do this for a week.

33. Leave your phone at home or in your car for the duration of the very next thing you do.Double dare: Go without it all day.

34. Retire your TV for the entire day. Double dare: do this for the entire week. Triple dare: retire all technology for the night. turn off the lights. Use only candles.

35. Turn up your music and dance outside. Double dare: get someone to do it with you.

36. Refrain from giving advice for the entire day. Only ask questions if you are stuck or tempted.Double dare: Make it a week.

37. Write down a list of people you need to forgive. Forgive one of them today- whole heartedly. If you can, tell them. Do it. If not tell, tell yourself. Write it down and burn it with a prayer. Say the Hope Onopono prayer if you know it.

38. Get or borrow a hula hoop or two. Take it to the corner and try to keep it up. If someone comes by offer them the other one and challenge them to do it with you.

39. Sing a song to or with someone today… anyone.

40. Eat your dinner outside tonight on your front stoop if you can.

41. Go on a good long hike…. All alone. Pee outside.

43. Write down a list of questions that you wonder about from time to time. Ask them to someone over 70..Double dare: ask them about sex

44.  Write down 10 things that scare you about yourself. Tell a friend. or tell a stranger one or all. Double dare: Post your list on social media.

45. Take your favorite item of clothing or favorite accessory out of your closet- (not an heirloom or a gift) but something you really -really like. Give it away to someone- in person. If the item has a pocket write a wish or prayer and place it in the pocket.

46. The very next place you go in public... when you enter say... "I'm here!".

47. The very next meal you have in a restaurant make sort of a sculpture from what is a available on the table. The more elaborate the better.

48. Create a piece of public art without being arrested. Use an ephemeral material such as leaves or twigs.

49. The next time someone asks if you need help smile and say... "yes, always!" Do this whether you need it or not. If this does not occur.. ask a stranger for help.

50. Write down unreasonable requests.  Make one unreasonable request to another human.

51. Eat lunch in a nursing home or retirement community. Ask questions.

52. Give away 20 things.







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