November Dare- Gratitude Graffiti.

This Dare will be short and sweet as we are working hard on making or first tangible product available in time for the holiday; 50 dares. A playful path to transformation.

This dare stems from my love of graffiti. Something about the daring act of creating a public statement in a creative way fills me with excitement.  

Graffiti makes us think.  It can make us wonder and ponder things we hadn't before. It can shake us out of patterned thinking and the highway hypnosis of adult life. I marvel at how and why someone would crawl into a dangerous space and risk arrest just to make a statement. Graffiti epitomizes the spirit of soul daring. 

So this month I am daring you to wield this simple power for good.  

I dare you to create a public expression of gratitude.  

That is all. Use your creativity, originality and heart-inspiration. Use a marker, paint or even something temporary like birdseed or leaves. Your message will matter to someone, somewhere. The impact will be felt- and may manifest in mysterious invisible ways. Enjoy. 

It's truly a rush.