Befriending Fear

Your weekly dare -

a case for fear.... 

I am on the road headed south to Mission Wolf, an off the grid self, self- sustaining sanctuary for rescued wolves. 

This journey engage with this beautiful and misunderstood animal seems a good time to write about a misunderstood emotion. 

My dare for you this week is dedicated to the great underdog of emotions- Fear. This is the force that has kept me alive all of these years. How could I not be grateful? I LOVE FEAR. It has always been a good friend- maybe too good at times- but always faithful. 

 On the quest for self actualiziation people tend to say things like... 

"oh if only I could get over my fear I would ......" fill in the blank with signature of ambition. This is an unreasonable request. Fear is part of our design. Some of us carry more than others but WE ALL HAVE IT. It is good.

Yet,when we don't have a good relationship with fear it can easily be used to control us. The corporate giants are making a killing off of unchecked fear- they would have many of us staying inside safe, watching TV-, nurturing more fear. While the self-help industry would have us buying books to conquer our fear and achieve our dreams. 

Fear is another aspect of ourselves, part of our emotional ecosystem- trying to protect us. But from what? Do we even know? 

  There are so many varieties; fear of rejection, humiliation, disgust, judgment, loss? Fear may be dictating our behavior- but do we know why? 

If fear is just another aspect of ourselves, maybe we can collaborate? Get conversational? Interview our fear?  Maybe strike a compromise? 

Say that there is a fear- self. What does it look like? 

Conversation moves energy and brings clarity. So this weeks dare is something you can do with another person.

I dare you to:

Write a list of your fears:

Describe them. What do they look like? 

What is their purpose? 

 Why are they fears? What do you think could happen? 

Are they standing between you and something that you want? 

If fearself had a voice, what would it sound like and what would they say?  

Ask a friend to do the same and discuss the list. 

How would you befriend one of your fears? What would it look like to strike a compromise?  Could you collaborate with your fear?

  When we examine what we are afraid of, we find it changes. When we coax emotions of of the shadow and shine the light of consciousness on them, they change.  

   Let fear be a friend this week. Give some love and compassion to the guardians most delicate inner-self. I dare you to- and write. Journal this adventure.

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