Soul Daring

The playful path to transformation

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”
-Henry David Thoreau
---But what if they would rather not?
-Sarah Hope 

Souldaring is a movement and game created by two sisters, based on the simple premise that doing things differently makes you happy.

It is meant to be a fun and engaging way to challenge the boundaries of self and play with your limits and limitations. Play alone or with friends. Challenge someone to do it with you. Go it alone. This is not a rigid practice. It is a living, breathing invitation to play within the structure of your day.

What happens when you play truth or dare? Things change. We may see things in a fresh way. We may think of things we hadn't before. We may get new ideas or form deeper connections and understandings. We may come up with creative solutions to problems we hadn't thought of before.

With this deck of cards we invite to explore your inner universe and challenge the notions of self. It is also a way to reach out into the community and reawaken our natural curiosity about other lives and ways of living. It is a challenge to connect on a deeper level and become vulnerable yet strong.